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Trademark and Mark Source:

A venture business, J&A Sakura's major business lines are JIG (:J)and AUTOMATION(:A) Equipment Manufacturing, for which J&A stand. Sakura is the name of the city where J&A Sakura Co., based.

Company Profile:

(1)Foundation: September 7, 1985

(2)Capital: ¥10,000,000

(3)Number of Employees: 15

(4)Location: 1755-19 Mutsuzaki, Sakura-shi, Chiba, Japan 285

(5)Telephone: 043-486-7651

(6)Facsimile: 043-486-8000

(7)Major Facilities: Panel Saw, Lathe, Milling Machine, Marking-off Table, Boring Machine, Tapping Machine, Profiling Machine, Electric Furnace, Microscope, I.R.Meter, High Voltage Power Supply etc.

(8)Major Correspondent Bank: Sakura Bank, Sakura Branch

(9)Representative Executive Director: Mr. Kiyoshi Hashimoto


Major Business:

Major business lines are JIGs and Automation Equipment Manufacturing that are used in massproduction and inspection of machinery parts, electronic parts etc. Special parts for automobiles are now being mass-produced in addition. Major business lines are as follows: Manufacturing of
(1)    PC Boards Cutting Machine (without bending PC Boards)
(2)    Thermo-shrinking Tube Processing Equipment, (and Conveyor type)
(3)    Magnetizer
(4)    High Reliability Automatic Withstanding Voltage Inspection Equipment
(5)    Various Inspection Equipment for electronic parts and components, such as Automatic Heater Inspecting Device, Leaner Measuring Device
(6)    Assembly and processing of small mechanical parts for automotive use, electronic parts and electrical parts for general use.

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