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for Heat-processing Thermo-Shrinking Tubes

J&A Multi-Shrikers are equipment that heat-process thermo-shrinking insulation-tubes for covering or coating wires, electronic parts, connecting terminals, junction points etc. by exposing them to infrared radiation.

J&A Multi-Shrinkers will heat-process multiple products at a time in several seconds.

Insulative covering or coating of wires, coils, capacitors, etc.

Protective covering of junction points or connecting terminals of wires, optical fibersAnti-corrosive coating of metal pipes and tubes etc.

Capable of processing multiple products (with the thermo-shrinking tubes) at a time. Up to 8 cables with 8mm dia. can be processed at a time (by S1015 type).

No thermal damages (burning or scorching) to the tubes with the cables, due to homogeneous heating and timer control of the heating time. Up to 50mm in length of the thermo-shrinking tubes can be processed.

No thermal damage to heat-vulnerable parts (even if close to the tube) by radiation shielding, while keeping the safe shrinking of the tubes.

Processing in a short time. Black thermo-shrinking tubes with 6mm dia. can be processed in 5 to 6 sec. excluding the time for the setting and taking out. (Transparent thermo-shrinking tubes can not be processed with these equipment due to their low radiation absorption)

We are ready to discuss and design special facilities to be combined to customer's current production lines. (ex.: continuous processing by conveyor belts)

Equipment for Demonstration can be lent out.

Manual Type: Please raise and lower manually the upper lamp(s) box.

Automatic Type: automatically raises and lowers the upper lamp box.

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