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Conveyor Shrinker

for continuous processing of Thermo-shrinking tubes

・Continuous processing of Thermo-shrinking tubes.

・Homogeneous heating, giving no thermal damage to the shrinking tubes

・Capable of processing up to 80mm shrinking-tube length

・No thermal damage to heat-vulnerable parts even close to the tube by      Shielding Radiation while keeping the safe shrinking of the tubes

    (Rational shield jigs are option)

Operation Procedure


Operation Procedure



Conveyor Width: 500mm

Conveyor Belt Speed: 300 to 1200mm/min.

Heating Zone width: 80mm

Lamp: (250W×2)×2

Heating Length of Lamp: 100mm

Equipment Size (W×L×H): 600×540×500mm

Speed of Conveyor Belt: 600mm/min. (10mm/sec.)

Loading ineerval 3sec/piece

Tube-to-tube Spacing on the Belt: 30mm

Heating Period: for 10 sec.

Processing Rate: 1200pcs/hr.

Insulative cover of wires, coils etc.

Protective cover of junction points or connecting terminals of wires, optical fibers etc.


Anti-corrosive covering of metal pipes and tubes

Reflow soldering and other heating, drying, etc.

Both-terminal Heating type is available (option)

JPY 490,000

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